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quick info
Name: Tabsy
Age: 17
Gender: Grrrl. I hope.
Country: England.

Bands: Evanescence, Dr Demento, The Kinks, Sugarcult, Sugababes, Puretone, Lemar, (early) Coldplay, The Coral.
TV Shows: Scrubs, Dark Angel, Will & Grace
Style: Comfortable (?)
Movies: American Beauty, Romeo + Juliet, Chicago

What crowd do you hang with?: According to an acquaintance of mine, I don't hang with any particular crowd, I just mediate between everybody.
Do you play any instruments?: Piano, violin, guitar and alto sax. Last two self taught, doncha know. Hence I'm not actually that good at them.
What concerts have you been to?: Wheatus (they'd just released Teenage Dirtbag, I couldn't get enough of them back then), Linkin Park, No Doubt, Sugababes and Lostprophets and Damien Rice are coming up next weekend. Two in one weekend. I'm so rock 'n' roll. Yeah.
Tell us a dirty little secret: I like boys and girls. Watch out. *giggles insanely*

Politics: If I were to have any stance in terms of politics, I would have to be a neo-liberalist. Most of my opinions on world issues correlate with those of neo-liberalism.
Homosexuality: Stop fighting love. Discriminating somebody because they have the ability to love somebody is one of the most horrible crimes I can think of. And I can't understand how people can be homophobic. I really just can't get my head round it. It baffles me so much.
Atheism: Nobody said anybody had to believe in anything. What you want to believe is exactly what you should believe. And if you want to nothing, then feel free to go right ahead and believe in nothing. Nobody's stopping you. Or, nobody should be stopping you.
Religion: I've grown up around many different religions, and I respect everyone for their beliefs. I don't follow a particular organised religion, but I don't dislike or discriminate against anybody because of their religion. I wouldn't call myself atheist. I have my own odd little spirituality thing going on.
People in general: Stop trying to impress. It is very unimpressive. Your impressiveness goes into minus figures.

no. 1 question
What makes you uniquely nifty?: I am destined to free the world with my rainbow coloured bracelets.

I'm sorry it's not the best quality. But, well, ho hum.

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