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quick info
Jessica Truckstop. ok, so maybe truckstop isnt actually anywhere in my name, but it would be funny.
Age: 17
Gender: female
Country: USA

the early november, the rocket summer, ben kweller, patent pending, teh motion city soundtrack, sherwood, limbeck, your best friend, reel big fish, the hippos, the postal service, saves teh day.. I could go on forever. well, maybe not forever, but for a while.
TV Shows: the oc, the simpsons, the daily show, south park.
Style: Im a jeans, t shirt and flip flops type of a girl.
Movies: monty python and the holy grail, what a girl wants, harry potters, the heathers

What is Elmo's last name?:
chasez. Im not even joking. Elmo and JC chasez got married a couple of days ago. They were dating for a long time but never mad it offical because they were afraid of hurting their images, but since elmo entered rehab and no chance of ever setting foot on seseme stret again and since JC's solo career isn't going anywhere, they got married. Did elmo actually have a last name?
What crowd do you hang with?: I honestly don't think I could even begin to label any of my friends. We, most likely, are the kids making fun of you.
Do you play any instruments?: haha, I play the clarinet and piano. very classic.
What concerts have you been to?: I've been to a lot. In the last few months I saw The Early November, Limbeck, Motion City Soundtrack and Something Corporate tours. I go to more local shows then concert. there aren't any concert venues around here and gas is way to expensive to go as far as I have to go to get to a venue.
Tell us a dirty little secret: I slept with my best friend's boyfriend last night. Except not really. I do have a crush on my best friend's brother, though. not really dirty.

I don't get into politics as much as I would like. I'm sure once I can vote I'll be more active. I do some campaigning locally, thats about it.
Homosexuality: I've never really been around anyone who was gay, or that I knew of. So Im not even really sure how I would react to it. One of my close friends claims to be bisexual, but I have never seen her with a girl. hmm, Im bad at tehse opinion questions
Atheism: Honestly, i dont know much about it.
Religion: Im not religious at all. I go to chruch with one of my friends sometimes, but thats about it. I don't know what I believe in yet.
People in general: I make fun of people, a lot. Especially the kids who label themselves as emo or scene. I hate when people sit in the same area as me at the movie theaters when I am the only other person in there.

no. 1 question
What makes you uniquely nifty?:
I wear flip flops all year long. Sometimes, when there is just way too much snow, I will throw on a pair of toe socks with them. I'm a very sarcastic and witty person. I bring the fun and funny everywhere I go. Right now, my goal in life is to get a band to do a rocked out cover of mmmbop. I rock at making words into the form of core [like hardcore, but different words]

that picture sucks, sorry. my digital camera is MIA.
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